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Acting Coaching

Create yourself into the actor, and person, you want to be both on and off the stage.

Personal Coaching

Powerfully create a life you love with an entirely new way of being and new results you never expected. 


Aubrey always brings the power for an experience your audience will never forget. 

Youth for Freedom

Transformational Youth Leadership through programs, events, and summer camps!

Aubrey Taylor

Aubrey Taylor is known for her extraordinary listening, bold ideas, language mastery, and the kindness with which she speaks the truth. Her passion for creating meaningful relationships and helping individuals push outside of their comfort zones, both on stage and all areas of their life, is at the heart of her work. She is uniquely extraordinary in her work with youth and is committed to unleashing the leaders of the future. 

She is devoted to helping others create themselves as powerful leaders and seeing that the way they do anything in all facets of their lives is inextricably linked to the way they do everything. A committed, life-long learner Aubrey has surrounded herself with greatness in theater, transformation, and personal development for over ten years. She has taught, coached, and produced theater and youth programs and camps around the country, and launched her personal coaching practice to further her commitment and dedication to unleashing the powerful leaders of the future and transforming lives.

Most importantly to her, Aubrey is married to her childhood best friend, co-creator, conspirator, and fellow Overlord, Zackary. Together they are the parents of three creative and energetic children – Brock, Ross, and Mallory. 

Acting Coaching.

Working with Aubrey as an Acting Coach will allow you to expand and hone the art of acting and have you be powerful both on and off the stage. The best acting comes in being true to yourself and Aubrey will help you discover your own individuality. She creates a safe place to explore and has an amazing understanding to help you make yourself, acting, and life – truthful, thrilling, and spontaneous.

With Aubrey you will get personal, explore, and get depth and insight that allow you access to new ways of telling a story and living life. She will bring illumination to your blocks and help you break down who you think you are or have to be, and expand your capability to create yourself into anyone you want to be both on and off the stage. 

Do you have the dedication and willingness it will take to free yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be?

Be still. Be yourself. Be Captivating

Aubrey helped me learn more about acting, human feelings, and how to channel my emotions into my character and bring them to life, and most importantly she helped me learn more about myself. Aubrey made me feel comfortable by giving positive feedback, emphasizing what I did good, and identifying what I could do better, and supported me through every step of the way. Aubrey established trust, by giving me the space to try anything and it would be received, reflected and refocused to truly push me to the best that I could do. One of Aubrey’s amazing gifts is giving personalized and relevant, skills and feedback that can not only be applied on stage but in life also.

Collin C.

Personal Coaching.

Aubrey’s thoughtful, engaged, and rigorous approach to coaching will have you experiencing a life you love, a life in alignment with everything you’ve wanted to be, an entirely new way of being.  

See, hear, and experience yourself in a new way. Aubrey will help you stretch your imagination and open up possibilities you didn’t even know existed. She will give you the tools to get yourself where you want to be and to powerfully create a life you love daily.  

She will challenge you in every way to see things you can’t see because of your fears, stories, and perspectives, and do it in a safe, caring, and generous way. 

Your life – in every aspect- was meant to be so much more than you believe. 

Be free. Be here. Be alive.

“I have been coaching with Aubrey for nearly a year now.  In her listening, I feel heard and understood, AND she doesn’t leave me there.  She listens to me like the giant I am, which is amazing because I don’t always feel like that.  Aubrey is masterful at re-presencing me to the commitments that I have and the huge possibilities that I have created and she’s helped me to create structures that serve me and the goals I’ve laid out for the big game that I am playing.  She is resourceful, thoughtful, and fun!  The impact of coaching with Aubrey is that my goals are clarified, structured for success, and then reviewed regularly for accountability.  My self-talk is turned into great questions that help me see things about me that I couldn’t see on my own.  After so much time together, I find that I’m learning how to hear Aubrey’s responses in my own self-talk.  I even sent her a Polo the other night, feeling disempowered, and as I was talking it out (out loud), I could see another road I might be able to go down.  And her immediate response to me was so encouraging, I was able to totally turn the corner and be who I wanted to be being.  I am able to more quickly get out of an emotional hole than I used to be and I feel safe to regularly reach out for coaching, when I used to be someone who “didn’t like to ask for help”.  I can see that I’ve grown and I’m grateful.”

Angela M.


Aubrey is a powerful Coach and  Theater Director who now brings her energy and message to stages around the world. Through her coaching programs, theater classes, youth camps and events, Aubrey has changed the lives of hundreds of people – helping them create their own realities and unleash their leadership, passion, and love for life. If you want your next event to create freedom for your people in every area of life, Aubrey always brings the power for an experience they will never forget.

“Aubrey offers inspiring, uplifting,and motivational talks. I would place her on my top ten list of people with great magnetism and charisma. There is a warm sparkle about Aubrey that could affect a person for a lifetime.”

Debra T.

Aubrey is the Owner and Director of Youth for Freedom where she follows through on her commitment to create transformational youth leadership. 

Youth for Freedom is an international personal and professional growth, training, and development company—a global educational enterprise committed to transforming the lives of youth and those in the lives of youth (so basically everyone), into lives of POWER, FREEDOM, & ALIVENESS. 

We offer summer camps, online courses, and programs that are cutting edge, potently life altering, and fun. Youth for Freedom and it’s programs have produced countless lasting breakthrough results in the lives of youth, making us a new leader in our field.

Youth for Freedom offers summer camps as well as mobile seminars in locations worldwide, online courses, speakers, and international coaching. 

YFF was such a powerful, life changing, experience for me. Every single year I attended, whether as a youth or a counselor, my life was changed in profound ways! The first year I attended YFF was the first time in my life I ever remember recognizing power in myself. I remember thinking, “Wow! I am so amazing!” No one had ever looked me in the eyes like that and showed me all the beautiful, powerful parts already inside me. I felt loved and accepted in such a huge, profound way. YFF to me is about being truly seen and loved for everything you are. It’s a beautiful, safe, bubble of love and acceptance.

Sydney R.


I cannot thank you enough for the blessing that you have been in my life. I will be forever changed because of you. You are absolutely incredible. I have been able to heal so much. I have hated myself my whole life and today in this moment I have nothing but self love. I have been able to dig deep and find out who I am and what my purpose is here in this world. I LOVE IT!

Caroline C

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